Die ersten 70km sind gewandert und jeder Tag war bisher anders, sei es von der Wegbeschaffenheit her (Pendeen-St Ives = Kletterpartie im Regen und Matsch, Hayle = Strandwanderung bei Sonnenschein) oder der Sicht (Nebelsuppe vs blauer Himmel). Obwohl ich abends meine Beine spüre und ich schon damit abgeschlossen habe, mit allen Zehennägeln in Schottland anzukommen (das übliche Problem 😅), läuft es super!

The first (nearly) 50 miles are completed and every day on the SWCP is different: the path itself can be very muddy, boggy, wet and therefore slippery, other parts are cliffwalking  cliffs on grass or even at the beach. Everything is great so far, besides the usual pain in legs after a 12 miles-day😉. I won’t bother you with what’s happening with my toe-nails😨.

P.S.: Dear Miss Pharmacy/Legal Drugdealer from Southampton , if you read this…..first of all sorry for not asking for your name. Second, thank you very much for your optimistic ‚you-can-do-it-vibe‘ on my first evening! I really appreciated it, as the first day’s walk seemed intimidating. But now morals are high again 😀 Please comment, if you read it. x



2 Kommentare zu „Eindrücke/Impressions

  1. I do love how you have remembered me! I am the legal drug dealer, Hettie. It was a pleasure to meet you and I have had such fun today reading of you adventures. I’m so glad I gave you a boost on that first day, you have certainly challenged me to step out and do a bit more. I look forward to reading more of you tales over the next few weeks. Please add me on facebook as I’d love to catch up some more.


    1. Hello Hettie, thank you for your comment. It“s so great to hear from you. I will add you on FB.
      Did you like the YHA Boscastle? An amazing hostel, loved it there.
      The last 5 days on the SWCP, then I’ll have restdays in Bath to see the Roman pool and all the Jane Austen – stuff 😊
      I’m sure you can do a bigger hike as well, if I can do it….everyone can 😀
      Have a nice week, giving out drugs,


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