Padstow to Newquay

Der Wetterbericht prophezeite Sturm und Regen, weshalb ich statt Camping lieber drei Tage im Hostel in Newquay gebucht habe. Dafür muss ich aber ziemlich planen, da ich zu und von jeder Etappe den (Doppeldecker-)Bus nehmen muss. Aus Bequemlichkeit bin ich heute einfach zwei Etappen gelaufen, morgen ist dafür frei – yeahhhh! Zeit für einen Anfängerstunde ‚Surfen’😂.

Auf den Bilden sieht man vom Regen nichts, der kam erst am Nachmittag, dafür in hoher Geschwindigkeit waagrecht!!!!

The weather report is quite bad for the next days, so I changed my plans and booked me in the Newquay hostel for three nights. Now I have to deal with English busses, which are pretty cool but as late as in Germany. Today I walked the distances of two days, so tomorrow I’ll have a day off – yeahhhhh! Time for a surfing-lesson😂.

Despite you can’t see rain on the pics, there was rain in the afternoon….high speed, horizontal rain, which drenches you within a minute completely.

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3 Kommentare zu „Padstow to Newquay

    1. Hi Katrin,
      the landscape is incredible, but it’s so much about the weather! The first two days between Land’s End and Zennor I was walking in the mist – that was kind of scarry! On my third day I walked to St Ives in the rain, arrived there in sunshine….my mood improved. Today I got totally drenched and it was very cold. But hey, it’s okay as long as you stay positiv (-ish) 🙂
      The hostel – beds are nearly exactly my size, but I love to push my weary feet again the cold chrome of the bed during the night 😉
      I’m looking forward to the next days (Port Isaac, Bude aso).
      Excited, what is waiting for me….


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